Lafayette celebrates Martin Luther King Day

Bar-B-Que held at Martin Luther King Center to celebrate

Monday, January 21, 2013 - 5:18pm

Martin Luther King day was celebrated all over the nation, and specifically at the Martin Luther King Center in Lafayette.  Many came out to the celebratioin of Martin Luther King day at the Martin Luther King Center in remembrance of one of the most important holidays that we, as a nation, celebrate.

"Arguably is probably one of the most important things that our nation can experience.  It reflects an individual who stood for equality, togetherness, brotherhood, and it's not often in America that we have someone who's speaking on balanced playing fields.  Blacks and whites working together, living together, doing things together," says Kenneth Boudreaux, member of Lafayette City Council.

Boudreaux also went on to say the timing of the President's second Inaguration is pretty much divine intervention.  He says the timing could not have been better, and he appreciates how President Obama incorporated that into his speech.


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