Lafayette paying extra at parking meters giving the city $42,000 more this year alone

Fees went up to increase city budget revenue

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 5:43pm

If you have parked downtown recently, you may have noticed that the fee on parking meters has gone up.

"We're asked sometimes to run government like a business, and this is one of those issues that we submitted to our council as a revenue enhancement," says Tony Tramel, director of Traffic and Transportation Department.

Lafayette Consolidated Government estimates that these new rates alone will bring in an extra $42,000 for the city of Lafayette this year.  The money will go straight to the government to put into the city's budget.  Tramel says that raising the fee will ultimately help out with parking downtown.

"You want the probability that if you come downtown to find on-street parking, that there is a great probability that you're going to find something available.  To do that, you need to have the meter structure high enough to dis-way people from attempting to feed the meter," says Tramel.

Tramel says the parking meters are a tool to recycle spaces, so every space can be used by a number of people each day.  For every thirty minute meter, the fee has been raised from twenty-five cents to seventy-five cents, one hour meters have been raised from forty cents to two dollars, two hour meters havae been raised from sixty cents to three dollars, and ten hour meters have been raised from a dollar-fifty to five dollars.


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