Lafayette Police Chief asks for financial help to improve police involvement.

KADN Staff
Friday, July 4, 2014 - 9:15am

With the steady rise of population in Lafayette, security concerns grow along with it. Police Chief Jim Craft is proposing a $22 million wish list that he believes will not only benefit the Lafayette Police Department, but also will benefit the entire city of Lafayette. 

"I can tell you that our resources are stretched pretty thin. So it's very difficult for us to go into an area, clean it up, but then maintain some consistency keeping it clean." said Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft

"When you do the math on that, it ends up being a need for about 300 man force, maybe a little more. With those additional personnel we could do more proactive things, and more prevention."

Some of the items on Chief Craft's wish list include a new police station, updated record management system, and a new mobile command center.  


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