Large benefit planned for this weekend to help the search for missing UL student and the rest of the Nina crew

Photo by Save Nina and her crew facebook

Huge concert, auction, and family day at Blackham Coliseum 10am-8pm Saturday helping Wright family fund the private search

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - 4:51pm

Friends, family members, and local businesses are sponsoring a huge concert, auction, family fun day this Saturday to raise much needed funds for the private search of UL student Danielle Wright and six others missing on the Nina.  The Nina is believed to be drifting after fighting storms while sailing form New Zealand to Austrailia.  Many around the area are volunteering to help with this benefit.

"I got a phone call from a very good friend, and she told me the story.  I've got a daughter about the same age, and I just couldn't think not to help.  We're just trying to raise enough money so we can help the family find their kid.  It takes a lot of money to search," says Ricky Lail, a local volunteer to help fund the search for the Nina and her crew.

Many local groups are donating their time Saturday including Geno Delafose, Travis Matte, Mackenzie Bourg, Dustin Ray and Southern Grove, American Heart Band, Mike Dean, Shawn and Lance Band, Beau Young, and Elvis Barker.  The first band will start at ten in the morning and go on until eight at night, with live and silent auctions throughout the day.  It will be ten dollars for those twenty-one and up, and only five dollars for those younger. 

The quickest way to find out information or contact someone is through the Find Nina and her Crew facebook page.


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