Law enforcement preparing for tonight's flash floods

Four to five more inches expected throughout the night

Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - 6:18pm

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department is closely monitoring this situation partnering up with meteorologists from the National Weather Service, State Police, Lafayette Police, Public Works, and the Department of Transportation prepositioning several high water vehicles in areas believed to have already seen a lot of water in-take and are expected more throughout the night.

"Use common sense, use caution.  Don't drive through areas you're not familiar with.  If you see water over the roadway, turn around and go the other way.  Certainly we have not closed any roadways in Lafayette Parish at this point, but we're going to continue to monitor it again working with all of our partners and making some determinatioins if roadways need to be closed," says Captain Kip Judice, Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department.

Captain Judice advises unless necessary, try to stay off the roads throughout the night.  We are expected to see another four to five inches throughout the night on top of the current amount.  The Sheriff's Department has additional personell that have already been brought in as well as ten extra deputies that have been placed on stand by within Lafayette Parish, along with the Sheriff's Department all law enforcement agencies throughout the parish have additional personell to prepare for the worse scenario.


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