Legislators discuss health insurance privatization

Thursday, November 1, 2012 - 8:10pm

Legislators discussed the potential privatization of health insurance for 62,000 state workers today.
It was a hot button issue but they did not make a decision.
The House and Senate Budget Committees weighed a proposed contract between the office of group benefits and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration says the outsourcing plan would save money, but in a heated debate this morning, some representatives questioned the savings, others had concerns with possible revisions to the contract in the future.
One major issue is that some current state workers are happy with the current OGB plan coverage, and question if it's worth it to switch.
Rep James Armes: "In the past with OGB and this isn't coming from me personally this is coming from the constituents back home I represent. They are happy with OGB they are happy when they call, when they get someone on the phone and explain to them right them what's going on."

The contract was removed from the floor after a few hours of debate but it will be presented again at a later date.


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