Local Juicing Entrepreneur's "Evolve" Has More Business Than It Can Keep Up With

KADN Staff
Monday, August 18, 2014 - 3:18pm

Health is always on the mind of people from exercising, to eating, and now one Lafayette company is focusing on healthy options to drink. Evolve is a business that focuses on health benefits people can receive simply by drinking juice in the freshest form using a cold press method.

With no sugars or additives some of the juices Evolve makes can account for your daily intake of vegetables or fruits in just one serving.

Almost every Saturday you can find the owners and creators of Evolve: An Artisan Juicery, Zack and Melodie McMath, at the horse farm's Farmer's Market selling their very popular juices, smoothies, and ice creams to all kinds of customers that you some times would and would not expect.

What you can expect though is if you don't get to them early enough, they will run out of product because demand is high for this homegrown business and it's juices.

With so much demand and and only a space a little larger than a storage closet to work in, the McMath owners are reaching out to the people of Lafayette to help "Evolve" one of Lafayette's up and coming businesses.

"We try to make food taste good, and juice tastes good. There are a lot of benefits that are widely known from fruits and vegetables, buts it's hard for people to eat three pounds of vegetables in a day and we give it to them in a 12 ounce serving." said Zack McMath

"It's great, and people love it. People love juice, and it does great for the body, but there are other things that we can do to really support people on their evolution to health and evolution to a new life. By achieving those things and getting into a space where people can come and find us to ask questions all day long, it would be huge. " said Melodie McMath.

The McMaths chose to go against getting a bank loan and have created a Kickstarter program to encourage the community to be part of their success.

Kickstarter is a risk free fundraiser where every donor is given a reward for their pledge. With a goal of $25 thousand and a little over two weeks left to raise the money, the McMath's hope soon enough they can share their very first store front with the people that have helped make their dream come true.

If you would like to help Evolve's fundraising goal, you can go to kickstarter.com search keyword evolve or go to their website at evolvelafayette.com 


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