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Coach Hud Says Homecoming Game is Team's Responsibility to Fans and Students

All week the University of Louisiana will be celebrating homecoming week with parties, events, and lots of activities for students and alums.

Wildlife and Fisheries Warn Residents of Door to Door Shrimp Salesmen Scams

Door to door shrimp salesmen, if you have live in Southern Louisiana most your life, chances are pretty good that you have encountered the so called great deals being brought to your doorstep.

Crowley Police seize 2 lbs. of marijuana, crack cocaine during 2 separate traffic stops

Two men are now in jail on drug charges after two separate traffic stops in Crowley.

EBR Parish employees not satisfied with pay raise proposal

A pay raise plan for city workers was revealed this week but the employees it'll benefit are not impressed with the modest two percent pay hike, especially considering it would curtail other benefits.

Former Senator John Breaux: Senate Race is About Louisiana, Not Who Supports Obama

As the November 4th elections get closer, the amount of campaign ads in TV, radio, and newspapers begin to increase. Opponents are pointing out each other’s weaknesses to sway the public in favor of themselves.

Old Vogue Provides Lafayette with Halloween Apparel

From a young age kids love to play dress up and pretend to be someone else, and as we get older that same sense of dressing up something else just for the fun of it becomes reignited when Halloween time comes around.

Meet the Lafayette City Marshal Race Candidates: Kip Judice

The countdown continues toward election day of Tuesday November, 4th.

Elfrid Payton: Ragin' Cajun Makes NBA Debut In Home City Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night the NBA will be tipping off the 2014 regular season and basketball will be in full swing again.

Centerville inmate found dead in his cell

The St. Mary Parish Coroner has pronounced an inmate dead after a jailer found him unresponsive in his cell.

Home Depot transforms Vietnam veteran's home

"I probably was one of the youngest American soldiers in Vietnam. I went into the service when I was 17 years old. I had my 18th birthday in Vietnam.