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Black market on tobacco exists no matter what the tax, what the price

Even though there will most likely be no tax increase on tobacco this year, there is always a possibility for the future.

Homes for the Holidays surprises three single parent families in Lafayette with fully-furnished homes

"It's a huge deal.  It's beautiful, I'm excited, I'm excited oh my God," says Sandra Joseph, new homeowner.

3D study points to stability of salt dome in Bayou Corne

Preliminary imaging results from the recently completed 3D survey of a 2.28 square mile area, stretching from the Texas Brine site to beyond the Bayou Corne community, indicate that the western edge of the Napoleonville Dome has remained stable

Hazmat teams called in after Lafayette chemical spill

A chemical spill in Lafayette forced employees to evacuate their workplace. At 9:11 a.m. this morning, the Lafayette Fire Department and its hazmat crews responded to a hazardous spill at AMCOL-Health and Beauty Solutions.

SCAM ALERT: Con artists claim to be offering $100 gift card from COX cable

A new phone scam is attempting to gain personal information from callers by claiming to be a representative from COX cable.

Crash in Broussard leaves one in critical condition

A two-vehicle crash has left a man in critical condition.

LOCATED: Lafayette man never returns home after boat trip in Butte La Rose

UPDATE: Mr. Pittman after learning that he was reported missing, contacted law enforcement. He apparently left town for a few days and did not contact anyone.

Three arrested in Lake Charles for shipping ecstasy in the mail

On April 17, detectives with the Combined Anti-Drug Task Force (C.A.T. Team) were contacted in reference to a package being delivered to a business on Moeling Street in Lake Charles.

Rape cold case solved with DNA link to prisoner already serving life sentence in Angola

A man currently serving a life sentence in Angola was connected to the rape of two women over a decade ago.

$1.05 per pack tax hike is off the table for now due to lack of committee support

If passed House Bill 417 would be responsible for hiking up the price of a pack over a dollar. Something those in favor of the bill were happy to see.