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Crime Stoppers: Vehicle, home burglaries by juveniles increase during summer months

Vehicle and home burglaries increase during the summer months and many of those cases involved juveniles. Police say it’s important for everyone in the community to be aware of what’s going on and report any suspicious activity.

Study: Louisiana students taking Advanced Placement courses increases 33 percent

The Department of Education announced that during the 2012-2013 school year, Louisiana students took approximately 6,000 more Advanced Placement (AP) courses than in the year before.

Senators look to tighten up tax exemptions

Tax exemptions for some of Louisiana's biggest industries are still under the microscope. Senators are still wading through exemptions and loopholes at the Capitol.

Community fights back about misperceptions of the 4 corners area

The community around the four corners area is speaking back tonight about the misperceptions of the area.  They are telling us that their community could not be more united with each other, as well as local law enforcement.  We spoke

Man faces felony theft charge for sheltering stray dog

An act of compassion landed an East Feliciana man with warrant for his arrest on a felony theft charge. It all started when he found a stray dog on his property.

Highly intoxicated man arrested after choking juvenile at Morgan City hotel pool

A Morgan City man has been arrested after choking and holding a juvenile's head underwater at a hotel. Police arrived at the hotel after receiving calls that a man was choking a female juvenile near a pool.

Opelousas man arrested on multiple drug charges

A man has been arrested on several drug charges after several hours of surveillance by the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office. After a search warrant was obtained, deputies went to the residence of Cody Ryan Daigle, 25.

Louisiana ranks third among states for more gun related than motor vehicle deaths

New analysis has placed Louisiana among 12 states (and the District of Columbia) that have more firearms versus car related deaths.

WANTED: Three men accused of stealing $1m of copper wire

Three men are wanted for allegedly stealing $1 million worth of copper wire from a drilling company. Officials say they managed to get away with the crime 6 times already.

Doctors warn summer boaters of dehydration dangers

More and more boaters are taking to Louisiana waterways for summer fun, but doctors are warning residents that drowning isn't the only danger, especially if you'll be drinking alcohol while in the heat.