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Flash mob surprises INDesign awards luncheon

The new executive director of the Lafayette Downtown Development Authority Nathan Norris was the keynote speaker at todays 9th annual INDesign awards.  His fun ideas and spirit were taken to a new level when a flash mob orchestra surprised

Mother arrested for leaving her 2 small children alone at home for several hours

A Lake Charles woman was arrested for allegedly leaving her two small children home alone for several hours. A witness called police after one child was found outside with nothing on but a T-shirt.

Lafayette officer honored as Officer of the Year for busting counterfeit check ring

A Lafayette Police Officer was recognized yesterday for his hard work on a check counterfeiting case.

Deputy arrested for bringing illegal drugs in St. Mary Parish Jail

A deputy was arrested for allegedly bringing illegal drugs into the St. Mary Parish Jail.

Pelicans left stranded after oil continues to destroy marsh lands after BP oil spill

Plaquemines Parish officials are fighting to save coastal islands along the Gulf as the three year anniversary of the Deep Water Horizon oilrig explosion draws near. They say the oil spill destroyed the islands.

Artifical sweeteners may be the cause of potential health risks

You might want to think twice before drinking diet and sugar free drinks because they could cause you health problems. "I use splenda two, maybe 3 times a day," said Bonnie Pittman, a Baton Rouge resident.

La. official describes man accused of sending poisoned letters as kind, but paranoid

Paul Kevin Curtis, the man arrested for allegedly sending threatening letters laced with poison to the president and a senator, was raised in Natchez, Mississippi, and has continued to work in Louisiana and Mississippi due to his career as a pe

Young professionals in the oil industry tell the community, the industry to bring more jobs to the area

A luncheon at the Petroleum Club by the young professionals of LAGCOE featured Mr.

Louisiana congressman introduced bill to eliminate government funded oil-paintings

A Louisiana congressman introduced a bill today that would eliminate government funded oil-paintings.

Gold becoming harder to find--impacting local business owners

The price of gold logged it's biggest decline in one day in more than thirty years this Monday. While gold is becoming harder to find, silver is even harder to get a hold of, which is impacting many local investors in Acadiana.