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Baton Rouge woman uses 'mom's numbers' to win Easy 5 jackpot

After Saturday night’s drawing, Baton Rouge resident Carolyn Blanchard became the fifth Louisiana Lottery Easy 5 jackpot winner this year.

Who knew you could grow a luffa in your backyard? Meet 'The Luffa Lady'

You've seen them in body shops, drug stores and especially in bath tubs or showers all across the country. Where do those coarse stringy sponges really come from?

Tulane baseball collecting funds for Vs. cancer foundation

Tulane’s baseball squad will be raising funds for childhood cancer research through the Vs. Cancer Foundation during home games leading up to the March 8-10 series against High Point.

Dog groomer arrested for severe allegations of animal abuse

A dog groomer in Slidell was arrested yesterday for serious allegations of animal abuse. Although she admitted to using discipline, she denies being abusive.

Man pleads guilty to owing $1.2 million in child support

A New York man the federal government dubbed the nation's "Most Wanted Deadbeat Parent" has pleaded guilty to evading $1.2 million in child support payments.

Parts of southern Louisiana declared disaster areas after recent flooding

President Obama has declared part of the state a major disaster area after severe storms last month. The declaration includes Livingston Parish, as well as 10 other parishes.

Saved in a cell: Inmates help other inmates learn compassion

Approaching the end of life is something that can not only have a profound impact not only for the individual, but also for those you close to that person as well.

Jindal's 2013 budget already drawing criticism

Governor Jindal presented his budget plan to state legislators today, and it's already drawing criticism. State treasurer John Kennedy says Baton Rouge is turning into Washington because of the way it spends money.

Convicted felon arrested for attempted murder of man outside his home

A convicted felon was arrested for allegedly tried to shoot someone.

Synthetic Drugs in Acadiana

There's a new drug that can kill you and you get it in the store. Follow Brittany Bodden as she investigates how synthetic drugs have made their way into Acadiana and how they effect those that are taking it.  February 27th at 9pm