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Police: Convicted felon pulls a knife on his girlfriend, threatens to kill officers

 A convicted felon with outstanding warrants was arrested over the weekend after he allegedly pulled a knife of his girlfriend, ran from police, and then threatened to kill officers after he got out of jail.

New Iberia teen killed in crash while riding his bike in Jeanerette

A 17-year-old was killed in Iberia Parish on Saturday after he was hit by a car.

Gas tank bandit busted in Jennings, more arrests expected

Police in Jennings are investigating a rash of gas thefts. Although they’ve arrested one man already, they believe that more people were involved.

Investigation: Fetus cut out of mother accidentally cremated before autopsy

An investigation has been launched after a funeral home employee has accidentally cremated the fetus cut from its mother's stomach.

Shreveport business owner caught dealing drugs

 A Shreveport business owner and another man are behind bars after they were allegedly caught in possession of synthetic marijuana Wednesday.

Man caught breaking into home desperate for state fair money

A local man broke into a Shreveport home Wednesday afternoon desperate for state fair money. Shortly after 12:30 p.m., officers arrested a man they saw running from a house that had just been burglarized.

Are NFL dreams over for the ‘Honey Badger’?

Just a day after being arrested and charged with Simple Possession of Marijuana, Tyrann Mathieu’s professional dreams are in limbo. Click here to read about Mathieu’s arrest.

Horse farm fundraiser held

Walking into last night's gala it was easy to be captured by lit walk-ways. Equestrian It was noticeable how much work went into putting this event on.

Fright trail offering up scary fun for a good cause

If you are looking for something scary to do this weekend check out the new "Fright Trail" on Cameron Street, its scary fun and for a good cause.  The winding trail through the woods sets the perfect ambiance for Halloween.

Acadiana home sales highest since 2007

There is good news for the real estate business in Acadiana home sales are the highest they have seen since 2007 CEO of Coldwell Banker Steven Hebert has been in the real estate business for over twenty years and explains why we