Local News

Four People In Lafayette Arrested On Terrorism Charges

Here in Lafayette four people including a rapper have been arrested on terrorism charges.

Massacre Occurs At Midnight Showing Of Dark Knight Rises

Colorado's midnight movie massacre has a Louisiana connection.  

Moore think BRAVE program is paying off already

 Violence prevention experts joined city leaders today at City Hall to see what they can do to help with the Capitol City's latest crime prevention initiative, BRAVE.

Winnsboro Woman convicted of migratory game bird violations

 A joint investigation by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) Enforcement Division and the U.S.

New construction projects announced to begin across Louisiana

Governor Bobby Jindal announced millions in Capital Outlay cash-line-of-credit funding was approved for infrastructure and construction projects today by the State Bond Commission.

Few hints of alleged Colorado shooter's past

Nuggets of information about alleged gunman James Holmes began emerging Friday, but a clear picture of the 24-year-old and what may have motivated him remain elusive.

Local theaters plan to increase security this weekend

The number of those injured in the Colorado movie theater massacre continues to rise. So far, there are 71 reported injuries, including a Baton Rouge woman who was shot in the knee.

Concerned citizen saves animals from further animal cruelty

A terrible case of animal cruelty in St. Martinville was brought to light by a concerned citizen. Now, the owner is locked up in the Parish Jail after investigators found more than what they were originally expecting to see.

Police: Armed robbery suspect used Craigslist to approach victims

 The Houma Police Department has arrested one teen and is seeking another for several robberies in the area. They say the suspects used Craigslist as a way of scamming victims into the situation.

Baton Rouge teen shot in Colorado movie theater massacre

 A friend of the family has told NBC33 News a Baton Rouge woman was shot in last night's movie theater shooting in Colorado. Bonnie Kate Pourciau, 18, was shot in the knee, but survived.