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Lafayette restaurant looks to rename their Boudin creation after being told 'This name is taken'

Walk in to Deano's Pizza in Lafayette and you won't see Boudin Pizza on the menu.

Former Lafayette Officer accused of falsifying public records, charged with malfeasance in office

A former officer with the Lafayette Police Department has been arrested for allegedly altering public records.

Emergency Officials Report Slight Growth Of Sinkhole

Emergency officials in Assumption Parish say they've noticed the sinkhole has grown slightly but it's not as deep. Officals continue to monitor the situation and are taking air samples.

Shunick Search Volunteers Dismantling Volunteer Headquarters

New information is surfacing tonight on UL student Mickey Shunick.  FOX 15 caught up with a few volunteers today who say they're in the process of dismanteling the volunteer headquarters.

Signs Stolen Around Lafayette

The next time you hit the road look around there is something missing at one of the busiest interstate intersection's in the United States I-10 and I-49 signs.

Lafayette Police Claim Corruption In Parts Of Government

Supporting a culture of widespread corruption,that's what some Lafayette Police Department Officers say is going on within the police department and other parts of government.

EPA Awards $25,000 to help protect, restore the Basin's Wetlands, Waterways

The Environmental Protection Agency has awarded Atchafalaya Basinkeeper, Inc.

Suspect arrested for shooting a man in the face in Baton Rouge

A 22 year old man was shot in the face early this morning and police have caught the man they believe to be responsible.

Crash shuts down part of Jefferson Hwy; suspected meth lab contained in vehicle

 Louisiana State Police had to shut down part of Jefferson Highway in Baton Rouge overnight.

Young man from Clayton killed in ATV crash

 Early this morning, a crash involving an ATV killed a man from Clayton, La.