Local News

Teen arrested for murder, attempted murder

 A 16 year old has been arrested for a murder that happened at the end of July.

Armed robbers of fast food restaurant provide a ride home for their victims

Two crooks reportedly provided a ride home for their victims after committing an armed robbery at a local fast food restaurant.

Man arrested in West Baton Rouge motel for connection to missing teen case

Another man has been arrested for his alleged connection to a missing teen from the Lafayette area.

Woman shot in buttocks leaving Shreveport nightclub

Law enforcement is searching for the gunman responsible for shooting a woman outside a Shreveport nightclub Monday morning.

Governor Edwards And Wife To Try And Have A Baby Starting In October

He is getting ready to turn eighty five year's old but former Governor Edwin Edwards says he's wants another chid.

Officials Keeping Close Eye On Massive Sinkhole In Bayou Corne

Officials in Bayou Corne are keeping a close eye on a massive sinkhole. The three hundred and fifty foot hole doesn't look like it has grown since it first appeared Friday morning.

Acadiana Copper Thief Caught

An Acadiana copper thief has been caught.   The St. Landry Sheriff's Office says Walter Clyde Ryder was booked on theft charges in the Melville area.

Two Day Mikey Open Golf Tournament Takes Place In Lafayette

There is nothing like a day on the golf course.  Here in South Louisiana a nice golf course isn't hard to find which means finding a great tournament-is just as easy. 

UL Football Team Holds Media Day At UL Lafayette

They are just a few weeks away from their first game of the season and the Rajin' Cajuns are rarin' to go. Today was Media Day for the UL football team.

Back-to-school week in south Louisiana!

Well it's back-to-school week all across south Louisiana. While kids in St. Helena Parish went back to school today, most everyone else will be in class by the end of the week.