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Caught in the Web: Most Awkward Moments of 2009

Here are some stories we found tonight, "Caught in the Web":

Unclaimed lottery ticket

Baton Rouge — If you bought a Powerball ticket over the summer you may be a winner and not even know it. Louisiana Lottery officials say nobody has stepped forward to claim a $10,000 prize which was won on August 1, 2009.

Melville Ferry shut down

Melville — A ferry in Melville is shut down for emergency repairs. Officials say the Highway 10 ferry will be out of service for as long as a week. They say the boat was suffering from mechanical problems.

Caught in the Web: Unexpected guest follows cat into house

Here are some stories we found tonight "Caught in the Web":

Local bars ticketed for drinking games

Louisiana — Around a dozen bars in Louisiana have been ticketed for encouraging binge drinking games. Officials say binge drinking is defined as having more than five drinks in a span of 90 minutes.

Missed field goal costs Saints overtime loss

A missed field goal with 5 seconds left in the game, could have given the New Orleans Saints, a win over tampa bay this weekend. Instead,the team lost in overtime, 20-17. New Orleans kicker Garrett Hartley missed the 37-yard field goal to seal

Shooting at construction company site, 2 killed

BATON ROUGE - A shooting happened just before 2 p.m.

District cell phone ban working

LAFAYETTE - The Lafayette Parish School Board says the district-wide ban on cell phones has worked. The Advertiser reports there have only been 800 violations this year, down from almost 2000 last year.

Caught in the Web: Car replica 64 times its original size

Here are some stories we found tonight "Caught in the Web":

Caught in the Web: Christmas comes early for man coming home from trip

Here are some stories we found tonight "Caught in the Web":