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'Saggy Pant's' Bill doesn't pass House

BATON ROUGE - The 'Saggy Pants' Bill as it's been called, was shot down in the state House Wednesday. The legislation was originally proposed by Representative Rickey Hardy of Lafayette, who called the act of wearing your pants so low your underwe

Governor Jindal calls for more supplies in Gulf

Governor jindal has called on the Coast Guard for more supplies to fight the oil leak in the Gulf. He discussed the need for more containment supplies and resources after touring the spill site from above in a helicopter. Jindal says officials

UL's VP of academic affairs retires after 35 years

LAFAYETTE - University of Lousiana at Lafayette's provost and vice president of academic affairs has announced his retirement. Steve Landry said Tuesday he will leave the university in December after the fall semester. Landry has been with the

Wetlands threatened by growing oil spill

With the oil slick just 20 miles off Louisiana's delicate wetlands, fisherman have taken action to protect the state's marshes. However, there is not enough boom to stop the oil from creeping into wetlands. Due to lack of supplies, fishermen a

Oil spill worker's gear not up to par

A California scientist says those working to contain the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico don't have proper safety gear. Doctor Gina Solomon is concerned responders do not have equipment ventilators, goggles and protective suits.

'Funnel box' fails in Gulf

LAFAYETTE - The 100-ton box designed to funnel oil in the Gulf failed this weekend. Officials say the water was so cold that the structure began to freeze over with ice crystals encasing it. The crisis in the gulf has cost British Petroleum ove

2010 National Tourism Week

Louisiana Office of Tourism chooses education as the theme for the 2010 National Tourism Week. BATON ROUGE, LA - National Tourism Week is May 8-16 and the Louisiana Office of Tourism is focusing on education through state Welcome Centers and award

REMINDER: BP & Federal Contact Numbers Regarding Gulf Oil Spill

REMINDER: BP and Federal Contact Numbers Regarding Gulf Oil Spill.  

House debates nullifying health care penalties

BATON ROUGE - The Louisiana House has been debating attempts to nullify the federal health care overhall. A proposal by Representative Talbot and backed by Governor Jindal states that no one can be forced to pay a penalty for not buying insurance.

Jindal continues to lead fight against spill

Governor Bobby Jindal continues to work out new plans in the fight against the crisis on the coast. Jindal says he's ready to protect Louisiana under the worst case scenario. Jindal is requesting 8 million feet of absorbent and hard boom, as we