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City Of Carencro Celebrates National Prayer Day

The city of Carencro had their National Prayer Day. Local pastors led those in attendence in prayers for the government, media, military, and local families.

Lafayette Parish Has The Lowest Unemployment Rate In The State

Lafayette Parish has the lowest unemployment rate in the state.   The number's have continued to shrink over the last several months.

Antibullying Senate Bill 709 Approved

Senate Bill 709 by Port Allen Senator Rick Ward was approved today by the Senate Education Committee.  The bill defines bullying. It also holds schools and parents accountable to do something about it.

Former Lafayette High School Teacher Cleared Of Indecent Behavior With A Juvenile Charges

A former Lafayette High School teacher has been cleared of indecent behavior with a junvenile charges.  

New app focuses on eating healthy, co-designed by Pennington

Baton Rouge, La (NBC33) — Eating healthy - that's the goal of a new app designed in part by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center here in Baton Rouge.

Arrest made after body found in burned out car

UPDATE: An arrest has been made in a case from earlier this week. It's regarding the body that was found in the back of a burned out vehicle.

Crawfish prices have gone down

Crawfish prices have gone down and there are plenty of them to go around! The folks at Chez Francois say now is the time to buy.  

Contract With Redflex Traffic Systems Up For Renewal

The contract with Redflex Traffic Systems is up for renewal. Redflex Traffic Systems are the cameras that snap photos of drivers who speed or run red lights.

Four Illegal Aliens Arrested At Lafayette Restaurant /Nightclub

Four illegal aliens were arrested at a Lafayette restaurant/night club over the weekend.

Victim of robbery urges others to be more aware

BATON ROUGE, LA (NBC33) — Baton Rouge Police say that as the weather heats up, so-called crimes of opportunity are on the rise, and the criminals behind them are striking when victims least expect it.