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Shunick Suspect Still Under Investigation

The man accused of killing Mickey Shunick and Lisa Pate is still under investigation. Investigators say it's possible these two women were not Brandon Lavergne's only victims. On the left is Lisa Pate.

Missing Lafayette Teen Found

Sixteen year old Lexy Jones is back home tonight and her twenty three year old boyfriend Cory Borel is behind bars. Borel is in trouble for helping to hide her as well as felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

Abandoned Horses Found On Bayou Alexander Highway

  Three starving horses were found in St. Martin Parish abandoned on the levee on Bayou Alexander highway. Tonight authorities want to know who left them there.

Neighbors in Vermilion Parish describe what it was like during pipeline rupture

Louisiana State police are investigating what caused a natural gas line to rupture in Vermilion Parish.

St. Martin Parish Investigators Looking Into Early Morning Shooting

Investigators in St. Martin Parish are trying to piece together an early morning shooting.   Around 4 am a man was shot at a home on George Dupuis road in Breaux Bridge.

Vermillion Parish Natural Gas Line Ruptures

In Vermillion Parish a natural gas line ruptured and caught fire today. The blaze was sparked around four Wednesday morning. It took two and a half hours for crews to shut off the valve.

Entergy and Cleco customers to get refund

 The public service commission says Cleco and Entergy customers will be getting some money back. The one time rebate comes out to around $12. It'll be on the September bill.

Acadiana Law Enforcement Training Academy to hold graduation ceremony

Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office announces the graduation of nineteen police cadets from the Acadiana Law Enforcement Training Academy this Friday July 20, 2012 at 6:00 PM.

Investigators look to more cold cases for possible connection to Brandon Lavergne

Brandon Lavergne, 33, has been indicted for two homicide cases, but investigators say that may not be the end to this story.

Lafayette DA: Brandon Lavergne indicted on 2 counts of 1st-degree murder

The suspect in the murder case of Mickey Shunick has been indicted on a second charge of First-Degree murder.