Local News

John Lombardi Ousted From System President Position

Systems President John Lombardi is out after a twelve to four vote by the Board Of Supervisors. Lombardi  was not present for the meeting.

Festival International Going Strong

Festival International is going strong as we speak. The event will go on till Sunday.

Acadia Parish Men In Jail After Four Hour Manhunt

Three men are in jail after a four hour man hunt in Acadia Parish yesterday afternoon.

Escaped Convicts Investigation Finished

The investigation on how two inmates escaped Lafayette's downtown jail last month is all done   It turns out four deputies violated department polices that day.

Lafayette Business Owner In Fatal Crash

A Lafayette business owner one of two victims in a fatal car crash early this morning.  

Festival International Currently Underway

Festival International rated as the best world music festival by About Dot Com Readers. is going on right now right here in Lafayette. The party will go on till Sunday.

Louisiana's Ragin Cajun Continues Collection of Wins

Louisiana's Ragin Cajun is continuing to collect w's. Coming off last weekend's three game sweep of Florida Atlantic, the Cajuns have now won 41 games with only two losses.

Crawfish Prices On Decline

Mudbug prices have gone down. This is because of low water levels in some harvesting areas. The folks at Chez Francois say now is the time to buy.

Baton Rouge Capitol Senate Oks Measure To Let Military Men And Women Go To College After Serving In Military

  the Baton Rouge Capitol senate said yes today to a measure that will help Louisiana Military men and women go to college.

Louisiana Hunter Mistakes Man For Deer

 Louisiana hunter Quintin Mire is in the Vermillion Parish Jail charged with second degree murder after mistaking a man for a deer.