Louisiana Healthcare Education Coalition comes to Acadiana to educate public about new healthcare

Photo by KADN staff

Teaching how to navigate, and sign up for new healthcare; able to do so in only 96 days

Thursday, June 27, 2013 - 11:30am

The healthcare landscape is changing for Louisiana at the first of next year.  In only 96 days the public is eligible to sign up for their healthcare online.  The Louisiana Healthcare Education Coalition is interested in helping Louisianians navigate healthcare reform and the health insurance market place.  The coalition came to Acadiana today to teach locals about making the best healthcare decisions they can for themselves and their families.

"We're trying to wake the sleeping beast and create an awareness that a lot of people are going to have to get involved with and learn more about the Affordable Care Act," says John Maginnis, Spokesperson for LHEC.

"It's so much for an individual to have to read through and decipher that.  If we have someone that can provide that information to us in an easy format I think it will be a great benefit to every municipality and all of the employees," says Hilda Curry, Mayor of New Iberia and President of Louisiana Municiple Association.

The coalition publicly launched in March of this year and already has up to 123 partners, but they are looking to add more to help inform Louisianians.  To learn more about the coalition or the healthcare reform going into effect next year log on to www.lhec.net.


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