Louisianians respond to debate

Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 10:40pm

People all over the country spent last night with their eyes glued to the tv- set, and here in Louisiana, it was no different. Many congregated at watch parties with others, sometimes all across the political spectrum, to discuss the debate.

We spoke with some of these citizens, and many said they were hoping for the candidates to talk about jobs, the economy, and Louisiana-related issues. A lot of these people felt disappointed by the debate.

"They both sounded really great warm and fuzzy, both trying to get their points across, but I don't think anything substantial was really said at all."

"I don't think they talked about Louisiana; they talked about the problems we face as a nation [trying] to get ourselves out of debt."

The vice presidental debate is next, and it will be followed by two more presidential debates before November.


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