LSU Alum sports his tiger lamborghini around cajun country

Put purple tiger stripes on his yellow lamborghini

Friday, March 1, 2013 - 2:41pm

LSU alum Don Domingue says simply supporting the tigers was not enough.  He decided to show his love for LSU with his prized possession.

"I put them on with the intentions just to take it to the three home games that were coming up, and then I was going to eventually take them off.  I didn't know what kind of reaction I was going to get when I got there," says Don, owner of tiger lamborghini.

And the reaction was huge.

"As I drove up on campus there was so many people there preparing for the game, and I just saw flashes going off in every direction and I just went what the hell is going on?!"

But there is a catch, Don lives in Lafayette right next to UL's campus.  This car attracts a lot of attention, but riding around here in cajun country those UL alum are not so happy about it.  Don says it's hard to be a tiger fan in cajun country.

"More vocal people are negative, but most people I talk to it's positive," says Don.

Most would think Don is an extreme fan, but his enthusiasm might surprise you.

"The car kind of exaggerates how much of a fan I really am.  I go to some of the games, and I watch the on TV but I don't go tailgate and all that stuff," says Don.

But you won't always see Don driving the yellow lamborghini.  He has other, less noticeable cars too.  Don says he is leaving the stripes on for now, but has the intention of eventually taking them off.


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