Mayor Langlinais says the ball is now in Mayor Durel's court

Waiting on a move from the city of Lafayette's mayor after dropping Golf Course Annexation Lawsuit

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - 3:40pm

After months of back and forth between the city of Lafayette and the city of Broussard we finally have reaction from the mayor of Broussard, Charles Langlinais, on where he stands on the annexation issue.  Shortly after Mayor Joey Durel cut 911 fire service dispatch to the city of Broussard, Mayor Langlinais withdrew the golf course annexation lawsuit against the city of Lafayette, an action Mayor Langlinais says now leaves the ball in Mayor Durel's court.

"It's really up to the city of Lafayette, Mr. Durel.  I'm willing to sit down and talk with him at any time if he wants to set up a meeting with our attorneys, just attorneys and he and I that's fine," says Mayor Langlinais.

Although the golf course annexation lawsuit was dropped, there is still one more annexation lawsuit over a small piece of land off of the
Ambassador Caffrey Extension which is now property of the city of Lafayette.  Mayor Durel says he is waiting on Mayor Langlinais to drop that lawsuit as well, and then all emergency fire dispatch and animal control will be renewed to the city of Broussard.


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