Mid City cyclist outraged at hit and run accident that injured rider

Thursday, October 18, 2012 - 1:45pm

Bike Riders in Mid City Baton Rouge want city-parish leaders to beef up safety for bicyclist in the area.

This comes just one day after Baton Rouge Police say a driver hit a man with his car in the 1900 Convention St at the intersection of North 19th St around 6:15pm.

"When I get to an intersection now nine times out of ten I'll look both ways and walk across the street," said avid bike rider Derrick Belton. "Now I don't ride my bike across the street no more."

Belton rides his bike in this Mid City everyday, but he says the streets aren't safe for cyclist.

"Every time you look at the news now people getting killed or hit on a bicycle," said Belton. "People getting hurt out here for nothing for no reason by somebody careless."

Belton says every time he rides his bike he has to be extra cautious to make sure he doesn't get hit. He says the city needs to step up to do more for cyclist in Mid City.

"You should make sidewalks," said Belton. "Widen the sidewalks. Put some cameras on these corners that don't have nothing but stop signs at them."

"Motorist need to realize we need room too," agreed fellow cyclist Joseph Stelly.

Stelly knows first hand what it's like to get hit by a careless driver.

"Couple of months ago the same thing happened to me," said Stelly. "It wasn't as bad. He just hit the back rim, and they just kept going."

Stelly says many people in his neighborhood ride bikes, but he's worried if nothing changes more accidents could happen.

"People need to realize that this is the only transportation that some of us have, and they need to look out for us to as well," said Stelly.

Belton says drivers need to be more alert.

"You wouldn't want us to pull on side your car with our bike and hit your car," said Belton. "We going to ask you what's wrong. But why, when you hit us with your car, you keep going."

Baton Rouge Police are still looking for the driver in Tuesday's accident. They say the driver was a white male in a silver 1990 or 1991 Volvo 740.

The cyclist is in the hospital in critical condition.

Anyone with information is asked to call the BRPD Traffic Homicide Division at 225-389-7819.

Police have not released the name of the injured cyclist.


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