Most firework sales going the kid-friendly, safe route

Firework sales expected to boom today and tomorrow

Monday, December 31, 2012 - 11:24am

When most think of this iconic holiday, it is often associated with one thing--fireworks.  Many firework stands have been open since before Christmas gearing up for this major holiday.  So we went to see which fireworks people have been most attracted to this year.

"The best sellers so far are the smaller items.  Stuff for kids, sparklers, pop-pops, not a whole lot of big ariels just yet.  People are just kind of shopping and pricing that stuff,"  says Sharif Mekkaoui, firework stand operator.

Firework sales are up from last year so far, and the bulk of most sales is expected to be today and tomorrow.  This firework stand, located at the corner of Cameron Street and Ambassador Caffrey Parkway has prepared for this holiday by overstocking on all of their smaller, kid-friendly products to be sure they have what you want for New Years.


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