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Next location for 'The Interview': Online

If Sony Pictures can get the deal done in time, "The Interview" will premiere simultaneously in independently-owned movie theaters and living rooms on Christmas Day.

10 year old wrongfully handcuffed while family friend was arrested

 Middletown, CT (WTIC) -- A young girl was put in handcuffs when a family friend she was with was arrested in Middletown.

Cardiologist suggests buying heart healthy gifts this Christmas

Heart disease is still the number one killer of Americans. So this holiday season, why not give a loved one a gift to help them to protect their heart?

Tornado deaths in Mississippi an ugly prelude to bad U.S. holiday travel weather

This Christmas, people will grieve and heal in southern Mississippi. They will clear rubble and restore power lines ripped apart by a tornado system that killed four people and packed an emergency room with dozens of injured.

Kathy Griffin to fill Joan's shoes in E!'s 'Fashion Police'

(CNN) -- Comedian Kathy Griffin will fill Joan Rivers' stylish shoes as host of E!'s "Fashion Police" in 2015.

Mark Wahlberg asks Massachusetts for pardon in 1988 crime

(CNN) -- On April 8, 1988, when he was 16 and long before he became a model, rapper and actor, Mark Wahlberg -- high on drugs and alcohol -- assaulted a man while trying to steal two cases of alcohol and then punched another man in the face as

Does the new 'Exodus' movie whitewash the Bible?

(CNN) -- The new biblical epic from director Ridley Scott, "Exodus: Gods and Kings," has a race problem.

Cuba Gooding Jr. to star as O.J. Simpson in miniseries

(CNN) -- Playing a football player won Cuba Gooding Jr. an Oscar. Could playing another -- one who was the focus of "the trial of the century" -- win him further accolades?

Why cook a gourmet meal when you can defrost it?

A Christmas ham takes at least a couple of hours to prepare, and that's on top of making the sides, the appetizers and, of course, the dessert. Or you can just defrost the whole thing.

Chickenpox causes Angelina Jolie to miss premiere

(CNN) -- Actress Angelina Jolie is missing the premiere of her own film Unbroken because she says she has been diagnosed with chickenpox.