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FIFA: No replay for France-Ireland World Cup qualifier

FIFA have ruled out the possibility of replaying the disputed World Cup qualifier between France and Ireland.

Coach speaks (loudly), and UNC listens

Roy Williams gives Marcus Ginyard an epic chewing out, the rest of the Tar Heels get the message, and Ohio State pays the price.

Dolphins-Panthers: 5 keys

As the Dolphins discover in beating Carolina, losing Ronnie Brown isn't a disaster when Ricky Williams can step in and score 3 TDs.

Dolphins beat Panthers on 3 Ricky TDs

Stepping up in the absence of injured Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams has 3 TDs as the Dolphins topple the Panthers.

LIVE: 4-5 Dolphins battle 4-5 Panthers

The Ronnie Brown-less Dolphins are relying on Ricky Williams vs. Carolina. He's got two TDs so far. Follow it (LIVE).

Kickoff: The guy in the sweater vest can coach

Critics say that Jim Tressel's play calling and fashion sense are bland.

Lincecum wins second Cy, no thanks to me

Tim Lincecum's narrow win in a fascinating NL Cy Young race has Ken Rosenthal second guessing even his own ballot.