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Police meet with Tiger; 911 tape coming Sunday

Florida authorities went to Tiger Woods' mansion to clear up questions about how he crashed his SUV into a fire hydrant and a neighbor's tree and said they plan to release tapes of the 911 call on Sunday. Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman Sgt.

Schein Picks: Week 12

Could Matt Schaub and the Texans upset the undefeated Colts in Houston? Adam Schein gives his picks for Week 12.

LIVE: Tebow, Gators take on rival Florida State

Tim Tebow is leaving his home fans with good memories. Top-ranked Florida is routing Florida State in The Swamp.

Report: Selig hints at plan to step down in 2012

After over 50 years in baseball, Bud Selig may be preparing to step aside.

Roethlisberger won't play Sunday vs. Ravens

The Pittsburgh Steelers are turning to Plan B.

Success rare for this crop of rookie coaches

The 2008 rookie coaches were overachievers, which is why Alex Marvez says the struggles of the new crop aren't surprising.

Police want to talk to Tiger about car accident

While news outlets stake out the Isleworth perimeter and copters circle the sky, the cops still have questions for Tiger.

Police want to talk to Tiger about car accident

More than two dozen media and a cluster of television trucks camped outside the gates of Isleworth on Saturday waiting for authorities to visit with Tiger Woods and clear up questions about crashing his SUV into a neighbor's tree. The Florida Highwa