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Greatest sports dynasties

Hendrick Motorsports added another trophy to its collection Sunday, but where does it rank among sports' greatest dynasties?

Power Rankings: LSU bottoms out

The top of the Power Rankings holds strong, but the bottom has to make room for the once-mighty LSU Tigers.

NFL Weekly Review: Bizarro world

Maybe it was opposite day. How else do the Raiders and Chiefs beat the Bengals and Steelers?

NFL Week 11: What we learned

The Chiefs (yes, you read that right) deal the Steelers their second loss in a row.

NFC East not playing up to its potential

Their issues differ, but fact is, NFC East teams all have them, leaving the division disappointing, NFL on FOX's Michael Strahan says.

Chargers still going up, Broncos still heading down

The Chargers didn't actually clinch the AFC West, but they seemed to boot the Broncos from a two-team race, Alex Marvez says.