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GM Expected to Emerge from Bankruptcy by Friday

It's increasingly likely that U.S. Judge Robert Gerber's order approving the sale will go through at noon, paving the way for the automaker's speedy exit from Chapter 11.

Swine Flu Vaccine Likely to Be Ready in Mid-October

The Obama administration put the states on notice Thursday: Swine flu vaccinations are likely to be ready this fall with the looming threat of the disease's resurgence, so figure out now how to deliver them.

'Jan Brady' Feuding With 'Marcia' Over 'Lesbian Love Affair'

Maureen McCormick claims Eve Plumb aka Jan Brady won't talk to her over 'lesbian love affair' comment

Teacher Questioned After Alleged Assault on Student

A science teacher was being questioned by police on suspicion of attempted murder after a 14-year-old student was left with serious head injuries at his school.

Cops Suspect Ritual After 2-Year-Old's Body Stolen

Authorities investigating the theft of a 2-year-old girl's body from a Connecticut cemetery said Wednesday that evidence at the crime scene points to a possible ritual

Alarming D.C. Metro Video Shows Sleeping Driver

Another damning video of a D.C. Metro operator hs surfaced, this one showing the driver sleeping at the controls.

As Death Toll Rises, Marines Stay Focused in Afghanistan

As the summer offensive into Taliban territory gains strength, the number of soldiers wounded or killed in action has increased. But just as disturbing is a new concern: the recent kidnapping of an American soldier.

Cyberattack Was Fine-Tuned to Attract Attention

The cyberattacks that hit government Web sites in the U.S. and South Korea over the past several days were modified to attract the most attention, a security expert noted.

Inside the Strange World of Michael Jackson's Children

From a KFC diet to private shopping sprees, inside the strange world of Michael Jackson's three kids

Ethnic Riots in China Highlight Country's Deep Tensions

It started with boys fighting over fireworks. It became a clash between hundreds of villagers from two competing ethnic groups. Such incidents illustrate the ethnic tension that pervades much of China — and exploded this week, taking 156 lives.