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Manhunt Under Way for Suspects in Border Agent Killing

Federal investigators are combing hospitals along the U.S.-Mexico border for at least two suspects who may have been injured in gunfire that killed a Border Patrol agent in Southern California.

'Gunman' at University of South Florida Never Found

A man who called University of South Florida police and said he had a gun never was found after a broad sweep of the campus, which was placed on lockdown during the scare.

Astronauts Install Fresh Batteries in Long Spacewalk

Two astronauts made an extra-long spacewalk Friday to make up for lost time after a spacesuit glitch waylaid efforts to replace old space station batteries earlier this week.

Baseball-Playing Robots Pitch, Hit Nearly Perfectly

Japanese robots do very well handling baseballs — too bad they can't run or catch.

Reform Talks Have Dems on Edge

Negotiations between party leaders, Blue Dogs 'fell apart' in latest showdown on health care reform | VIDEO

Plane Skids Off Runway in Iran Upon Landing, Killing 17

An Iranian passenger plane skidded off the runway during landing in northeast Iran and crashed, leaving its front a tangled mass of wreckage and killing 17 people, the state news agency said.

No Apology, but Obama Praises Cop

President says he should have chosen his words better in reacting to arrest of black Harvard professor | VIDEO

Alamo Found Guilty of Taking Girls Across States for Sex

Evangelist Tony Alamo was convicted Friday on federal charges he took underage girls across state lines for sex.

Pelosi in Overdrive

House speaker in extraordinary move to bypass committee and bring health care reform bill to floor vote before August recess

CDC: Up to 40% of Americans May Get Swine Flu

U.S. health officials say 20 to 40 percent of Americans could become ill from swine flu over the next two years.