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Military Eyes Version of 'Pain Ray' for Aircraft

Air Force has beefed up share of funding for Active Denial System, tightly focused beam of microwaves that causes an intense, but theoretically harmless, burning sensation.

Smoke Smell Causes Jet to Make Emergency Landing

An American Airlines flight bound for San Juan, Puerto Rico, has returned to Boston for an emergency landing about an hour after takeoff after the smell of smoke was detected in a bathroom.

Naval Officer Accuses Reporter of Sexual Harassment

A U.S. Navy commander accuses a Miami Herald reporter of sexual harassment in a complaint letter to the newspaper's editor that was posted online by a Washington political blog

Oregon Man Drives Bomb to Police Station

An Albany, Ore., man discovered what he thought was a bomb in a deceased relative's home, so he drove it to his hometown police station.

After Amber Alert, Cops Charge Girl With Kidnap Hoax

The sheriff says more people could be charged in the hoax, which led to an Ambert Alert

Gates on a Roll, But for How Long?

Defense chief may have scored big legislative wins, but further military cuts remain a huge challenge• Contractor Seeks 'Cyber Warriors' to Defend U.S.

Zelaya Returns to Honduran Border, Sets Up Camp

President Manuel Zelaya returned to the Honduran border on Saturday and announced he would set up camp there, despite foreign leaders urging him not to force a confrontation with the government in power.

Study Cited — and Ridiculed

White House report says small companies pay far more for health care; GOP calls it propaganda

Dad on Trial in 11-Year-Old Girl's Faith-Healing Death

A Wisconsin man accused of killing his daughter by praying instead of seeking lifesaving medical help considered her illness 'a test of his faith,' a prosecutor told jurors Saturday.

Prostitute in Berlusconi Scandal Threatens to Sue Italy's Fo

The prostitute at the center of the Silvio Berlusconi sex tape scandal underscored the topsy-turvy nature of Italian politics yesterday when she threatened to sue the country’s Foreign Minister for impugning her reputation.