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TN: stranger changes homeless veteran's life with phone call

(WREG) -- MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A homeless, disabled veteran who has been living in his car got a life-changing phone call Thursday.

15 worst movie sequels

It's the season of sequels!

Michigan woman poses as fake federal agent to search for drugs

West Branch, MI (WNEM) -- A bizarre story is unfolding out of West Branch, where a woman is accused of impersonating a federal agent.

Bring the spirit of the World Cup into your kitchen

After a riveting win in Round One versus Ghana, fans of Team USA are gearing up for Sunday's World Cup matchup with Portugal. We have got some ideas on how you can capture the flavor of Brazil on game day.

Inside Universal Studios' new 'Diagon Alley' theme park

First, it was a record-breaking book series, selling more than 450 million copies worldwide. Then, it became the most successful movie franchise in history. Now, it is a theme-park phenomenon that has fans in a frenzy.

How Kevin Hart is quietly taking over Hollywood

Boisterous and uninhibited on screen, comedic actor Kevin Hart has quietly risen to the top in Hollywood.

15 best road trip songs

Once in while, the CNN Travel braintrust blows it -- make that all the time if you happen to be @cnnalwaysblowsit47. Such was the case last year when we published our updated list of the greatest travel songs ever recorded.

4 surprising benefits of eating vegetables

(CNN) -- You've seen Meatless Mondays, vegan restaurants and green drinks become all the rage. You know that vegetables can help you lose weight and fend off chronic diseases.

GE Capital to refund $225 million to customers

In its latest crackdown on deceptive and illegal credit card practices, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is ordering GE Capital Retail Bank to pay $225 million in refunds to customers.

Pope Francis says he opposes making recreational drugs legal

Are you stoned? That's the message Pope Francis seemed to be sending lawmakers Friday, saying the growing worldwide trend toward legalizing recreational drugs is a very, very bad idea.