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Obama calls hostage's beheading by ISIS 'pure evil'

  American aid worker and former soldier Peter Kassig was beheaded by ISIS terrorists, the White House confirmed Sunday, hours after a

Fox's award-winning hit, “Bob's Burgers,” at a brand new time on sunday nights

The curfew has been extended for the Emmy-Award winning, fan-favorite animated family comedy series BOB’S BURGERS. Starting this Sunday, Nov.

Bill Cosby allegations put Netflix and NBC in tough spot

 Netflix and NBC have tough decisions to make about Bill Cosby.

Humans on Mars by 2035? NASA's sci-fi dream could be reality

 (CNN) -- We've just landed a dishwasher-sized robot on a comet and NASA's chief scientist has no idea.

Can the Republicans balance the budget?


SWAT team comes to the aid of starving puppy

 Oklahoma City, OK (KFOR) -- The Oklahoma City Police Department's SWAT team is known for their life-saving work across the city. Recently, SWAT members came to the aid of a dog in need.

DEA questions team doctors after NFL games

Agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration interviewed doctors and trainers of several NFL teams after their game Sunday, part of an investigation into allegations of illegal dispensing of prescription drugs.

Norovirus sickens more than 170 on cruise ship

 (CNN) -- The latest norovirus outbreak aboard the Princess Cruises' Crown Princess has infected 172 people, according to the U.S.

'Facebook at Work' is coming to your office

 NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Facebook is working on an office version of its social network for employee-to-employee communication at work.

Halliburton buys Baker Hughes in mega deal

As recently as Friday, merger talks between Halliburton and Baker Hughes weren't going well. But now, we have a deal. Halliburton said Monday it will spend $34.6 billion to acquire Baker Hughes.