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Pope Francis says he opposes making recreational drugs legal

Are you stoned? That's the message Pope Francis seemed to be sending lawmakers Friday, saying the growing worldwide trend toward legalizing recreational drugs is a very, very bad idea.

Texas inmates sue over lack of air conditioning

Claiming that even the prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is air conditioned, prisoners in Texas have filed a federal lawsuit over soaring temperatures in state prisons that they say have killed at least 12 prisoners in the last three years.

T-Mobile: Stream all the music you want

T-Mobile just made it a lot easier to stream music on your phone.

Can you inherit your dead parent's debts?

For adult children, the death of a parent is a fraught experience. Adding to the stress: the unwelcome surprise that Mom or Dad died with big debts. Who is on the hook to pay them?

Jindal announces plan for Louisiana to back out of Common Core

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said Wednesday he plans to pull his state out of the Common Core academic standards, announcing an executive order aimed at blocking the testing program in the state.

Amelia Earhart flies again! Namesake to recreate global flight

  (CNN) -- In 1937, Amelia Mary Earhart disappeared over the Pacific Ocean attempting to circumnavigate the globe. Later this month, Amelia Rose Earhart will try to do what her namesake could not.

Stroke 'selfie' helps save Canadian woman's life

  (CNN) -- It's not your usual selfie. "The sensation is happening again," Stacey Yepes tells the camera. "It's all tingling on left side."

Several earthquakes wake residents across central Oklahoma

Langston, OK (KFOR) -- Homes across the metro were shaking throughout the overnight hours as several earthquakes were recorded around town.

ASPCA Investigating Rash of Peacock Killings in Rolling Hills Estates CA

Rolling Hills Estates, CA (KTLA) -- The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was investigating the deaths of 50 peacocks in Rolling Hills Estates since 2012. Some of the birds have been discovered shot or poisoned.