North Lafayette Redevelopment Authority On Cusp of Reinstitution

KADN Staff
Monday, July 14, 2014 - 2:58pm

After almost six years a state legislation created agency will finally becoming to fruition according to State Representative Vincent Pierre. While still not sure what exact project the agency will try to address first, The North Lafayette Redevelopment Authority will start addressing issues as early as next month.

With no members selected yet, it is already known that the agency will have legal powers that extend from levying taxes, borrowing money, buying and selling properties as well as a multitude of other legal powers.

State Representative Vincent Pierre chose his office's location because of his ability to be in the neighborhoods he was elected to help redevelop and thinks this is not only a great move for his district, but also a great move for the entire city of Lafayette.  

"We indeed want to attack the problems in North Lafayette, that's been a problem for many many years. So many people have asked: What are we going to do with the adjudicated properties? What are we going to do with the abandoned homes? Just recently seven homes were burned down, that are still sitting in tho community. I think it's an eye sore for the people that are living here." said Pierre.

"This is indeed the front years to Lafayette, and if we can get the front yard clean. Looking better than it does. The whole city, one Lafayette, will be a better place to live. We're looking at about 83,000 jobs that will be coming from Lake Charles, all the way to Lafayette and the surrounding areas. So we want to make it attractive and we want to make it marketable for people to want to come."

Similar redevelopment projects are taking place in other Souther Louisiana cities such as Lake Charles, Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Pierre says that he plans on going to theses other cities to see how their agencies are handling their projects and intends on bringing back solution that is best fit for the city of Lafayette. Pierre says the biggest thing he wants to accomplish is for residents of Lafayette to take pride not only in their city but also in their homes and neighborhoods. 


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