Police arrest GA man over chicken wings


Atlanta-area dad arrested after police say he and son ate chicken wings in store and left without paying

Friday, May 9, 2014 - 5:37pm

An outing to a grocery store turned into an ordeal for one Atlanta-area family.

A dad was arrested after the store accused him and his son of eating chicken wings in the store and leaving without paying for them.

The mom was in the store at the time and says the whole thing is big mistake.
"They would not let me pay for the chicken wings. No, they wasn't. So, he went to jail over a chicken wing," wife of the arrested man, Anna Marie Jones, explained.

She thinks it is wrong that her husband was arrested and now faces a theft by shoplifting charge over chicken wings.

"I mean, it was just a chicken wing. And my husband goes to jail for a chicken wing," Anna Marie said.

The warrant surrounding Benjamin Cain's arrest says he ate food without paying for it at this Kroger and gave his seven-year-old son some chicken wings he didn't pay for.

The officer charged Cain with contributing to the delinquency of a minor because he caused his son to commit a delinquent act.

"I could buy all them chicken wings. I could buy all them chicken wings," Anna Marie said.

According to Anna Marie, she and her husband and three small kids were grocery shopping.

She says Cain did eat the wings and gave her seven-year-old son some.

Anna Marie says her husband put the wings down after the kids became unruly: "Babies, you know, were crying, so I told them to take them on to the car while I continued to ring up my groceries," she said.

That's when an officer arrested him.

"Went to jail for a chicken wing," Anna Marie said.

Some customers don't think locking Cain up is the answer.

"It's like so many innocent people go to jail," said Kroger customer, Kim Smith.

(Reporter): "But is he innocent? He at the chicken wing and didn't pay for it."

(Kim Smith): "But did he honestly just set it down and forget about it?"

Jones says she had every intention of paying for the food.

She says she tried to pay for it when she saw police arresting her husband, but was not allowed.

So far, Kroger has not commented on the incident.

A spokesman tells CNN affiliate WSB he hopes to release a statement soon.


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