Positive report released about traffic light cameras

Traffic light cameras making streets of Lafayette safer

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 - 5:57pm

The next time you're waiting at a traffic light in Lafayette here is something to think about..sixty-four percent.  That's the drop in accidents since twelve traffic light cameras were installed around the parish back in 2007.

"It's changing driver behavior.  That's the intent in all of the ordinances we have reflect that is to change dangerous driver behavior," says Tony Tramel, Director of Traffic and Transportation Department.

Changes they can see thanks to a new report.  The report compared the number of accidents before the lights were installed to the number of accidents after the lights were installed.

According to the report released by LCG's Traffic and Transportation Department there has been a 64 percent reduction in overall crashes at Lafayette's twelve locations.  There were 357 crashes before monitoring and now only 130 since the devices were put in place.  And that was the goal.

"To reduce traffic crashes, make people be more cognitive and aware of their surroundings, and drive safer than what they have before," Tramel.

The devices are working so well they're installing four more devices along the Evangeline Thruway.

"We have 190 traffic signals and we only currently have twelve locations which is a very small percentage what we're talking about to make that happen," Tramel.

But in the process of making that happen there have been a few issues, including three court cases against the traffic light cameras.

"It's not a violation of a persons constitutional rights and it is a mechanism which a city has the ability to regulate and control traffic within its streets," Tramel.

And it looks like these traffic light cameras are doing just that.

"The question is..are people aware of it today-absolutely.  Have crashes gone down significantly at the locations which we monitor-absolutely," Tramel.


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