Presidential candidates "take time off of campaigning"

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 6:11pm

President Obama set out to survey hurricane damage in New Jersey. Still no campaigning, 6 days before the election.

Mitt Romney campaigned in Tampa sympathizing with the victims of Sandy.

Mitt Romney: "A kind of trauma you've experienced here in Florida more than once. and it's interesting to see how people come together."

He pivoted to the election

Mitt Romney: "Now people coming together is what's also going to happen, I believe on november 7th." (applause)

The race in Florida is closer

48-47 in the respected Quinnipiac poll but in Ohio it's still a five point Obama advantage, in the most important state.

And, in New Jersey, the President got a boost that could help in all the swing states. A warm greeting and more praise for the federal storm response from Republican Governor Chris Christie, who's campaigned all year for Mitt Romney, against Barack Obama, 'til the hurricane.

Steve Handlesman: "The message that Christie is sending voters is that Obama is doing a good job. He's not a scary socialist person. He's someone who can be trusted."Better than any speech or tv ad: To lead in a crisis and have even political opponents offer praise.


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