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Presidential race comes down to wire

Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 7:13pm

The road to the White House is becoming a well worn path through battleground states.

With the political welcomes to prove it.
What a great Reno welcome,  Cedar Rapids welcome what a Cincinnati welcome
all those stops in just about 24 hours of campainging and campaigning and the candidates are still going.
"We are right in the middle of our 48 hour fly around campaign extravaganza.
for President Obama it's 8 states in 2 days to try to stop a recent shift in momentum for Romney.
One example CNN just changed swing state North Carolina which Obama won in 2008 from toss up to lean Romney.' 

A survey of Ohio polls in the critical swing state shows Obama holding on to a three point lead which mitt romney is trying to erase, in part with three Ohio stops in one day.
Mitt Romney: "It's good to be here in Ohio, or as joe biden would say, here in Iowa.
Romney and President Obama were both in Iowa the day before both in Ohio Thursday. It's dizzying geography for simple math trying to secure 270 electoral votes. I am going to do some early voting in Chicago.
President obama will make History Thursday, as the first President to vote before election day. "One vote down so many more to go." that means even earlier campaigning hours. 
For a race in its final days.


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