Ragin Cajun Football team heads to New Orleans

UL football team ready for Saturday's big game

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 - 5:45pm

The Ragin Cajun football team is New Orleans bound as of today.  Cajun fans were there today sending off well wishes and cheers as the football team loaded the buses and headed off to New Orleans for Saturday's game.  We caught up with a couple football players on their way to the buses to see how the team is feeling before the big game.

"Oh we're all excited.  We had practice yesterday and some workouts this morning and we're just ready to get to New Orleans.  It's the same schedule over there we'll just keep working hard and preparing for the game," says Andre Huval, UL football player.

"Oh everybody's excited.  Workout this morning had a good workout everybody's ready," says Jaron Odom, UL football player.

The players' moral boosted even more as they were greeted by many ragin cajun fans waiting for the team to load the bus.  Players assured the fans that Saturday's game in New Orleans will be one to go down in the record books.


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