Repeat offender lands additional charges for hiding bag of drugs in rear end

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 4:00pm

 Officers with the Eunice Police Department made a surprise discovery while booking a repeat offender in jail. During the required strip search, they noticed that the suspect attempted to hide a bag of drugs in his posterior.

Reports indicate that the suspect, Johnathan Alfred, 28, was arrested after he was caught during an undercover drug operation. The original surveillance was conducted on Quentin Frank, 28, who was suspected of dealing drugs.

During the surveillance operation, an undercover narcotics officer allegedly purchased drugs from Frank. Officers then conducted a traffic stop while he was allegedly on his way to make additional deliveries. Alfred was a passenger in the car, and was subsequently arrested along with Frank after drugs were found in the vehicle during the traffic stop.

Officials say a bag of drugs was located on Alfred while he was being booked into the Eunice jail. They explain that all incoming prisoners are required to undergo a strip search for possible contraband or weapons. They say it was during the search that officers noticed an object dangling from Alfred’s rear end. Once removed officers discovered that it was a plastic bag containing marijuana and crack cocaine.

Alfred was booked for Possession with Intent to Distribute Schedule 2 (crack cocaine), Possession of Marijuana (second offense), Possession of Schedule 4 Drugs, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Violation of the Uniform CDS Law (school zone). He was issued additional charges of Introduction of Contraband into a Penal Institution and Obstruction of Justice.

Quentin Frank was arrested and booked for Distribution of Schedule 2 Narcotics (crack cocaine), Possession of Marijuana (second offense), Violation of the Uniform CDS Law (school zone), and Transactions Involving Proceeds from Drug Offenses.

Frank has nine prior drug related arrests that go back as far as 2002. Alfred has six prior drug related arrested that go back as far as 2005.


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They will get out on some dumb loophole in the law and be back doing it again. Why set a bail on creeps like this and murderers also. I'll never understand our justice system.

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