Repeat OWI offenders continue to endanger our community, why are they still on the road?

Photo by KADN staff

Families of victims are sick and tired of this trend that continues, what's being done?

Thursday, February 27, 2014 - 9:22am

"Why would they allow it to get that far?  Why aren't they off the road?  We just don't understand," says Pat Taylor, a MADD  volunteer and mother that lost her son over twenty years ago to a drunk driver.

This past Christmas holiday claimed way too many lives because of impaired drivers, one being a fourth time offender.  So why are these repeat offenders still on the road, threatening all of us here in Acadiana?

"The reason why he is still on the road is something you have to look at from a district attorney stand-point or trials that may have taken place, and what took place in every single charge in there," says Trooper Stephen Hammons, State Police Troop I.

So I went to District Attorney Mike Harson to ask him why so many people who've been arrested for drunk driving are still on the roads.

"People have to realize that on any of the offenses that at some point and time the person is going to come out of jail.  We don't have a life in prison sentence for any DWI offense, so no matter what they get at some point in time they're going to come out of jail," says Mike Harson, District Attorney for Lafayette Parish.


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