Residents along the Vermilion River extremely affected by the overflow of the river

Vermilion River in residents' backyards

Thursday, January 10, 2013 - 4:56pm

Jan Risher and her family have lived in their house on the Vermilion River for five years. In the time they have lived there, Risher says the water has never been this high, and that's including Hurricane Rita in 2005.

"Usually I can stand beside that duck box and it's almost two feet above my head, and the river is about eight feet down," she said. "So that gives you a sense of just how high the river is, and it's hard to comprehend.

"I mean, just yesterday our truck was parked back there near that duck box and we moved it up toward the front of the back yard thinking it was fine, and then we just had to have it towed out because the water kept rising. 

Risher can see from her balcony the flow of the Vermilion River is now flowing backwards headed north, leaving her and neighbors around the area left with a swamp for a backyard. 

"You know, it's just the power of nature, and how little we have control," she added.

Another big problem they are experiencing is the litter coming in from the river. When people around the area litter, the trash goes into the gutters which are now full, causing the trash to filter throughout the city. Trash like empty beer cans and styro foam cups are now floating in Risher's and surrounding neigbors' backyards.


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