Residents near Bayou Corne sinkhole infuriated by Texas Brine report

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 - 3:15pm

As new information comes out from the Bayou Corne area, people living in that part of Assumption Parish say they're furious.

They want to know why Texas Brine, the company thought to be responsible for a massive sinkhole released such a controversial statement.

The company said last night in a press release that preliminary tests show seismic activity or earthquakes tremors caused damage and debris at the bottom of a brine cavern in Assumption Parish.

Now, with the new information, Assumption Parish Emergency Officials say they never got a copy of the statement until this morning.

Company officials say they found new debris in the cavern. They haven't investigated the cavern's depth since last year, but say it's at least 1,300 feet shallower now. Texas Brine officials told NBC33 that this is only their initial observation.

Texas Brine officials are waiting on more test results to come in.

People in the Bayou Corne area are trying to separate fact from fiction when it comes to new information surrounding the sinkhole.

They say the Texas Brine company purposely tried to hide information from the community by sending out the aforementioned press release late. People living there say they just don't buy it.

Without more tests, there's no way to tell if the tremors or problems in the brine cavern are to blame for bubbles on the bayou and a massive sinkhole, and it could be weeks before all the answers come in.

On a positive note, people living in the mandatory evacuation area do have the option to lower the property value on their home for the 2012 tax year, according to the Assumption Parish Tax Assessor’s Office.

The assessor says it's a way to help people affected by the sinkhole a chance to pay less property tax. The lowered value would only be for this year. In 2013, that value will be re-assessed.

For residents to make that change, they need to visit the Assessor’s office before December 31 and fill out paperwork.


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