Rush to prepare for Sandy is on

Monday, October 29, 2012 - 3:38pm

Windows have been boarded, store shelves cleared, and residents evacuated.

Bloomberg: "If you refuse to evacuate, you're not only putting yourself at risk, but also the first responders who will have to assist you."

Scenes we normally see on the Gulf Coast instead brought to the northeast by an unusual and potentially devastating mix of ingredients. first Hurricane Sandy.

The rush to prepare for Sandy is on.

Second, her path while storms moving up the coast typically drift out to sea.. the jet stream is forcing sandy into an almost unheard of severe left turn.

"We've never seen this. this is unprecedented for a hurricane to take this kind of track."

"And that rare turn points sandy not only towards 60,000,000 people but yet another storm."

Brian Norcross: "A northern storm combining with a hurricane, to be a super storm. it's a hurricane in the middle, and a noreaster outside it."

Frigid air from the north will make for up to 2 feet of snow expected from Kentucky to Virginia and North Carolina.

Brian Norcross:  "The combination of this wintertime jet stream coming in and this tropical air coming up is to make more rain, more snow and a bigger storm with more energy in it."

track six: 7 seconds
yet another unlucky piece of the puzzle -- a full moon, bringing peak tides, and making flooding all the more likely.

sot christie 135115 flooding is a very real and serious concern for many families and i know that for those of you that have lived through this before my words offer little comfort

And one final factor Sandys sluggish pace, crawling as slow as 15 miles per hour meaning that the damage, danger and misery won't be going away anytime soon.


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