Save Lake Peigneur speaks out on Jefferson Island storage expansion project

Project mainly funded by AGL Resources worth $25.8 million

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 - 4:59pm

For Nara Crowley, looking at Lake Peigneur it's hard not to think about what's happening in Bayou Corne.

"We could have an explosion, we could have the leakage if we have the cavern failure like what's happening in Assumption Parish, we can have and very likely will have salt water intrusion into the Chico Aquifer," says Nara Crowley, President of Save Lake Peigneur Inc.

Nara's worried things like that could happen here if AGL Resources has their way.  They've proposed adding at least two more natural gas storage caverns in the salt domes of the lake.  A lake that's recently had unexplained bubbling.

"The fact is we don't know what is causing the bubbling, and the fact that we have this phenomenon which cannot be explained is the primary reason why this project should not go forth," says Crowley.

Which is why Save Lake Peigneur wants to see an environmental impact statement.  According to a statement from AGL Resources, "If the bubbles were related to gas escaping from the storage caverns it would be a steady stream and not something that happens on an intermittent basis."  But for locals, that is not enough.

"To me and to all of us we believe that somebody doesn't want to know the truth, and we're asking for the truth," says Crowley.

Because Nara's worried if this $25.8 million project does move forward, and the worst does happen it's the people who live around Lake Peigneur who would suffer.

"We would lose so badly if anything ever happened.  The people would lose and the company would walk away, and look at the people in Assumption Parish right now," says Crowley.

AGL Resources says, "We believe once this project is completed it will be beneficial to the surrounding communities in ensuring energy continuity and we will continue work on it's completion in accordance with all state and federal mandates."  The decision whether the project will be approved or disapproved will be in three days.


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