School Bus accident causes traffic on 3000 block of North University

Accident involving school bus and truck

Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - 5:23pm

This afternoon a school bus collided into a truck on the 3000 block of North University.  The school bus was not carrying any children.  The truck is totaled and the driver was sent to the hospital and treated for minor injuries.  Officers are not sure what caused the accident.


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I would like to comment on this accident on the 3000 block of North University. I was a witness to this wreck and also the caller for 911. I was following a truck that was making a turn on Dugas Rd when this Silver Ford truck was coming at a high rate speed. I was watching in my mirror waiting on the truck to hit me from behind, but this truck hit its breaks and went into a full spent and wound up spinning into the Northbound land hitting the bus. The truck back end hit the bus front head on.

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