Senator David Vitter expresses his distaste for comments by Senator Harry Reid

Senator Reid claiming Hurricane Sandy no comparison to Hurricane Katrina

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 4:18pm

Senator David Vitter hosted an open house at his new Acadiana regional office this morning.  In his excitement to introduce Louisianians to his new Lafayette office, he backed up his argument in calling Senator Harry Reid of Nevada "an idiot."  While advocating for a bill to bring relief funds to Hurricane Sandy victims, Senator Harry Reid said, "Hurricane Katrina was nothing compared to Hurricane Sandy."  Senator Vitter called Senator Reid an idiot, and stands by his comment.

"Well it's just an idiotic comment.  I mean it's just factually incorrect and really really insensitive to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and folks along the Gulf Coast also folks who suffered from Hurricane Rita.  Look, all of these storms were devastating and our hearts go out to the victims of Sandy, and I've been actively involved so that we respond quickly and appropriately and help them there is no argument there.  But Harry Reid's comments were just idiotic," says Senator David Vitter.

In accordance with the National Hurricane Center, Katrina led to the deaths of 1,833 people and caused $108 billion dollars in damage.  In comparison, Hurricane Sandy caused at least $20 billion dollars in damage and killed 191 people.


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