Shreveport man going on 250 mile journey on a hand cycle

Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 4:13pm

13 yearsago, Scott Wells' life changed in a way he could never imagine, he became completely dependent on others to survive.
He did not let it define him or his attitude attacking his rehabilitation like he does life with everything he's got.

"Striving to do the best i could. To get to enjoying life again and always looking to pay it forward and helping other people."

His dream was to be independent again, and help others do the same.

"I am hoping to provide awareness of need for neurology rehabilitation research hospital in the Shreveport Bossier area."

To do that, he is going on a 250 mile journey to Baton Rouge with a group of his strongest supporters not in a car, but on a hand cycle.

Scott has been training for his journey for six months which is six days a week, three of them here at a facility with his therapist Amanda.

Amanda: "I think his mission is incredible. he is very, very motivated to help others with similar injuries as his."

His determination to achieve his goals has inspired her, too.

Amanda says, I'm actually going on the ride three of the days.

Wells hopes that his seven day ride to the capital sends a message that a facility specializing in brain and spinal cord injuries is vital to ensuring other patients end up like him.


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