Shunick volunteers say now it's time to heal and celebrate Mickey's life

Friday, August 10, 2012 - 2:00pm

Thursday the Shunick family, friends, and volunteers received the news that they had been dreading and anxiously awaiting. They were told by police that the body found in Evangeline Parish was that of Mickey Shunick. Now they say they are healing and celebrating her life.

“Mickey Shunick was such a caring young lady. And It’s easy to help when someone's so caring. And she would be the first on to help other people with exactly the same thing,” Peggy Bayard, a volunteer since the beginning, tearfully explained.

“It hit hard. But at least it's closure. It's definitely not good news at all. She was a great person. At least she got to make her mark on the world,” Jillian Bearb, a close family friend and volunteer, added.

As the news became official, the core group of volunteers remained at headquarters. Lending support and comforting one other. Their goal to find Mickey, now realized.

“We’re still here and we're bringing her home. We're bringing her home to her family. And we're going to all celebrate that,” Margaret Bearb, volunteer coordinator, explained.

The Shunick family spent the evening together, absorbing the news they had already started to accept.

“It's not easy you know. They're such a close family. Such a good family. An extremely close family. And Mickey's such a good sister, and daughter to them. And it's just hard,” Bearb continued.

Volunteers have said now they have finally found Mickey, the healing begin, and hopefully justice for her will follow.

“He's going to live with that mark forever. We're not going to live with that mark, we're going to go forward with the healing process to light. We have to be that way for the family. We can't, we're going to be positive, we're going to get through this. But I hope he lives with that mark that she left him for the rest of his life,” Bearb said.


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